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Thank you for reading Freedom's Phoenix!
Thank you for reading Freedom's Phoenix!
Thank you for reading Freedom's Phoenix!
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Economy - Economics USA
Welcome to the American dream in high reverse.
2-09-09    NYtimes.com 
In Lehigh Acres, homes are selling at 80 percent off their peak prices. Only two years after there were more jobs than people to work them, fast-food restaurants are laying people off or closing. Crime is up, school enrollment is down, and one in fou
Jack Gregson
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Economy - Economics USA
Senate OKs $15,000 tax break for homebuyers on new bailout bill
2-4-2009    AP 
The Senate voted to give a tax break of up to $15,000 to homebuyers in hopes of revitalizing the housing industry, a victory for Republicans eager to leave their mark on a mammoth economic stimulus bill at the heart of President Obama's recovery
Powell Gammill
News Link   
Nazi fugitive 'Doctor Death' died in 1992
2-4-2009    AFP 
One of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, Aribert Heim or "Doctor Death", thought to be in his 90s and in South America, actually died in Cairo in 1992. German public TV said Heim died of bowel cancer in 1992, under the assumed identity o
Powell Gammill
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Economy - Economics USA
SEC pummeled as Madoff whistleblower testifies
2-4-2009    Reuters 
Harry Markopolos, a former investment manager who tried to warn U.S. regulators about Bernard Madoff, joined lawmakers in blasting the Securities and Exchange Commission but said he was forwarding more tips to the agency.
Powell Gammill
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Protests and Protesters
Pranks involving electronic road signs stir worry
2-4-2009    AP 
Electronic message boards meant to warn motorists of possible trouble on the road increasingly are being taken over by pranksters putting drivers on notice about everything from Nazi zombies to raptors. Highway officials aren't amused.
Powell Gammill

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Science, Medicine and Technology
Oldest Fossil Evidence for Animals Found
2-4-2009    LiveScience 
The oldest fossilized evidence of animals has been unearthed in Oman and reveals that tiny sea sponges were abundant 635 million years ago, long before most of the planet's other major animal groups evolved.
Powell Gammill
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16 Illegals Sue Arizona Rancher
2-9-2009    Washington Times 
Takes you directly to the article without being inundated with all of the ads on Mr. Adkins website...
Ed Vallejo
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Police State
Civil Disturbance Operations
Jan. 30, 2009    U.S. Army Military Police School 
It is obvious that our military has been planning for domestic civil disturbance operations for quite sometime. Military RDL Homepage Table of Contents Document Information Download Instructions CIVIL DISTURBANCE OPERATIONS S
Michael Goza
News Link   
Science, Medicine and Technology
Google Latitude Spies on Americans' Exact Geographic Location in Real Time
02-04-2009    NaturalNews 
Has the age of electronic stalking begun? Google has announced a new service called Latitude that triangulates the real-time position of any mobile phone user and displays their location online, in real time, for other people to see.
Jennifer Burk
Feature Article    Global Edition
r3VOLution Continues
4409 -- Ron Paul 2012...We're Getting the Band Back Together!
Forty Four O Nine
   Ron Paul is going to announce that he is running for President tomorrow on the ABC's good morning America a Paul source told POLITICO so the Phoenix Revolutionaries decided to get the band back together by making signs and putting them up.....its on!
Radio/TV    Politics: General Activism
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
Exclusive Breaking News - "Adam vs The Man" daily on Russia Today
Program Date:  2011-04-03
   Monday April the 11th 2011 the United States Empire gets slapped daily by a libertarian with the support of a Russian government network... Yep! Listen to find out how... and why.
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
Phyllis Bennis-Director, New Internationalism Project-Institute for Policy Studies - War on Libya
Program Date:  2011-03-22
   "Atlas Shrugged" / Phyllis Bennis - Director, New Internationalism Project - Institute for Policy Studies - War on Libya
Reference Link    4409 Edition
4409's videos
4409 -- Where have we been?
   Where are we? You're about to find out real soon!
Entered by: Forty Four O Nine
News Link   
Obama Administration
U.S. Taxpayers Risk $9.7 Trillion on Bailouts as Senate Votes
2-09-09    Bloomberg.com 
The pledges, amounting to almost two-thirds of the value of everything produced in the U.S. last year, are intended to rescue the financial system after the credit markets seized up about 18 months ago.
Jack Gregson
News Link   
Criminal Justice System
Conn. judge suspended 8 months for slurs at arrest
2-9-2009    AP 
A judge charged with drunken driving and videotaped using racial slurs while arguing with police officers was suspended without pay for 8 months by a judicial review panel. Superior Court Judge E. Curtissa Cofield, who was confirmed as Connecticut'
Powell Gammill
News Link   
Gun Rights
Criminals for Gun Control: Carjacking
02-09-09    Youtube 
Violent criminals advocate gun control legislation to foster a safer work environment. Carjacker gives interview before burying corpse of victim.
Ken Demyen
News Link   
Technology: Software
Vista the Least Popular Windows OS Ever
2-9-2009    PC World 
Once upon a time, Microsoft crowed that Windows Vista would be twice as popular as XP. Research firm Ovum, predicted a more modest 15% switchover in the first year, but gushed that Vista would be "the fastest-moving operating system ever."
Powell Gammill
Feature Article    Global Edition
Federal Reserve
Are there Tally Sticks in your future?
Tom Westbrook
   This article provides a brief overview of a concept called open money and discusses the pros and cons of a community currency vs. gold, silver, or the Federal Reserve Note. It also is an introduction to the tallysticks.org project.
News Link   
Death Throes of Global Warming Hypothesis
01-30-2009    arclein 
Right now, the folks who should have known better, or were simply too intimidated to speak their minds are now standing up and kicking this dead horse to death. In the summer of 2007, we were on the road to an ice free summer Arctic by 2012. Three m
Robert Klein
News Link   
The 2nd American Revolution
02-04-2009    The Civilians Military Song: Masked Militant 
Rap Video (Hard Language Warning for the sensitive) - 2nd American Revolution Music By: The Civilians Military Song: Masked Militant Origin: Colorado, USA Go to www.rapsheetz.com/music.html for free downloads from this groups music.
Ernest Hancock
Error: Missing Photo or Graphic 126-0209184000.jpg
Stimulus Bill Funds ACORN Despite Its History Of Corruption (the payoff)
2-9-2009    dcexaminer.com via Rense.com 
ACORN could receive up to $4 BILLION (!) under the economic stimulus legislation approved by the House of Representatives. ACORN is under investigation in at least 14 states...
Ed Vallejo
News Link   
Obama Administration
Paul Craig Roberts: Ship of Fools
2-09-09    Rense.com 
The world has never seen such total mindlessness. Napoleon's and Hitler's march into Russia were rational acts compared to the mindless idiocy of the United States government.
Jack Gregson
Radio/TV    Economy - Economics USA
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock discusses RT.com and the future of mind to mind worldwide journalism
Program Date:  2011-04-04
   Ernest Hancock discusses RT.com and the future of mind to mind worldwide journalism
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
Karen Kwiatkowski - Libya - War - Obama - Foreign Policy - May run for the 6th District of Virginia
Program Date:  2011-03-31
   Karen Kwiatkowski - Full 2 hours - Libya - War - Obama - Foreign Policy - May run for the 6th District of Virginia
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
Drew Phillips and Nick Barnett join Ernest in studio
Program Date:  2011-03-09
   Drew Phillips and Nick Barnett join Ernest in studio - Today's News
News Link   
Police State
01-04-2009    WorldNet Daily 
Police look to hack citizens' home PCs 'Very intrusive powers as intrusive as someone busting down your door'
Justin Tyme
      Attorney For Freedom  

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