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Most Dangerous Threat To Liberty Is The Threat To Kill And Destroy

Letter Written by: Anonymous75
Date of Letter: 2012-05-09
Subject: Philosophy of Liberty

     Every passing day, we are facing the barrel of the gun if not just minutes away from a terrorist’s ticking bomb. No threat to life, liberty and freedom is more dangerous than this threat of being killed or bombed to kingdom come any time of the day. We live in terror more than we admit.

    We are misled if not misguided by the compass of terror that we follow blindly. “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” But this decrepit guide in the wilderness is leading us right into the barrel of the gun. We deserve the right to live, therefore I vehemently disagree with the tenet of this dictum.

      In one of my papers in graduate school, I wrote these lines unequivocally: “Only liberty and national security purchased at any cost can guarantee the people’s right to live.

     “With guns in their hands, a group of self-proclaimed patriots neither secure nor guarantee the individual right to live – only the people themselves who formed a democratic Government, can provide the  necessary tools the nation needs for national security, and to secure the safety of individuals in the face of imminent danger.

      Thus the threat not just to destroy but to kill is the most dangerous threat to life, liberty and freedom. It is more menacing than the threat of dictators to enslave, and of politicians to plunder and to corrupt the nation, to rob and to steal the people’s money and impoverish them.”

     But to continue this editorial report, I want first to correct a bad error on the part of self-proclaimed patriots who run to the people’s rescue, when they use this famous quote “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase …” to support their craving, in fact obsession, for liberty and freedom.  It was not Benjamin Franklin who originally made this declaration … it was Richard Jackson.

     Let me quote for you what’s in the record: “This was used as a motto on the title page of An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania. (1759); the book was published by Franklin; its author was Richard Jackson. The variant of this [motto] was published as: Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

     It is imperative to straighten out this incorrect notion, for the record.  Citing the right source  of this famous quotation would no longer embarrass critics when they write about abuse of liberty and freedom. Notice carefully that when they use this quotation based on a wrong source to criticize the Government’s campaign against terrorism … they always score a perfect landing in the wrong airport! It is safe but in the wrong direction.

     The threat to kill and to destroy came to public view only recently. As I have pointed out in many of my comments in Freedom Forum, it came out from the study of certain variants of “mental illness”, conducted by the National Institute of Health, and from the reports of the study’s results:

     “Although certain variants of the illness have been around for many years, it is only in the last decade or so that the more virulent and infectious strains have appeared. This is most likely due to the rapid buildup of government, at all levels, during the 1980's. Closely parallel to this trend was an explosion in the number of cases in which individuals were diagnosed as having unfounded fears concerning such.

    “Clinical Manifestations and Diagnosis Anti-Government Phobia is marked by extreme suspiciousness toward government. Onset is acute. Symptoms start almost immediately after a run-in with some agency or institution of the government, or when the patient is introduced to anti-government propaganda, in one form or another, by a self-styled "patriot." Common ways in which this harmful, anti-government propaganda is spread include: books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, audiotapes, videotapes, short-wave and conventional radio programs, computer bulletin boards, and various Internet sites.

     “Upon exposure to "patriotic" propaganda, the patient mysteriously begins to imagine hidden links between unrelated current events, weaving these gross distortions of reality into a complex delusional web; a labyrinth of conspiracy theories with all imagined clues leading straight to the federal government. With further exposure, the patient becomes increasingly paranoid, and slowly manifests withdrawals from reality. However, mental deterioration is usually so gradual that the patient is often unaware of it.

       “In the eyes of the so-called "patriots," the relentless drive to indoctrinate others with extremist political beliefs is seen as a righteous and compulsory act to save their "self-destructing" nation. Wildly fantasizing that America can somehow turn back the clock to better times, which in reality never existed, many "patriots" feel obligated to quote constantly from the Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the writings of the Founding Fathers. In an ironic twist of fate, when "patriots" expose others to their divisive anti-government propaganda, through their misguided efforts to restore "individual liberty," they are actually infecting them with an extremely contagious mental illness.”

       At the beginning of this editorial expose’ is a quote from our Founding Fathers of which “patriots” afflicted with mental illness that the NIH report described, felt obligated to print.

       Diagnostic reports of variance of mental illness could be any of the following [printed verbatim or as is]:   

       Acromania, a violent form of mania; it is an incurable insanity. Read more:

       Paranoia, a mental disorder characterized by behavior that stems from an elaborately constructed system of delusions of persecution and grandeur… paranoidism

Read more:

       Schizophrenia, a psychotic condition marked by erratic behavior, withdrawal from reality, and intellectual and emotional deterioration. Also called dementia praecox. Read more:

      Acromania and Schizophrenia are more prevalent. They manifest in what comes out from the mouth of the afflicted. I will cite some of those for your information:

“Any linkage between the British government and these terrorist outrages is completely without foundation.” From Jack the Ripper. Like today’s terrorist, the Ripper denied his terror as a serial killer of women who walked by night. “One day men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.” [Delusion of grandeur.] Does this delusion of grandeur remind you of someone? C’mon, think. Don’t be shy.

     Charles Manson, a notorious psychopath jailed for life has his signature of denying the multiple murders he orchestrated: “Believe me, if I started murdering people… there'd be none of you left!” Manson’s severe case of mental disorder can be categorized as advance Acromania and Schezophrenia. His hallucinating mouthpiece signature is familiar.

    Theodore John Kaczynski, the Unabomber, killed by sending mail bombs to his victims in protest of his imagined Technological Slavery. Reports stated that “He was the target of the FBI's most expensive manhunt ever…”  This is his urge to kill: “In the modern world soldiers fight because they have been brainwashed into believing in some kook ideology such as that of Nazism, socialism, or what American politicians choose to call "freedom".”  Does this sound familiar? Some dangerous Kooks say this every day. A notorious Kook expressed this even more eloquently in many of his published writings urging the public to kill government officials, including military and police officers.

    Jared Loughner, demented Arizona Shooter was “a United States Military recruit at MEPS in Phoenix …” Without any provocation, he shot “At least 18 people … including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, at a public event in Arizona hosted by elected leaders and other government officials. Six have been declared dead, one of them a child.”

    After the shooting Loughner declared to the Media that he was not a terrorist. This is what came out from his own mouth:

 “The argument to call me a terrorist is Ad hominem….read the United States of America's Constitution to apprehend all of the current treasonous laws.

    "In conclusion, reading the second United Sates Constitution, I can't trust the current government because of the ratifications: The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar.” You can deduce from these statements how serious his mentally ill was.

     But as a killer and a bomber, Timothy James McVeigh’s terrorism was incomparable. His murderous act was “the deadliest event of domestic terrorism in the United States, and the deadliest act of terrorism within United States borders until the September 11.” [Main Stream Media.] How did he justify the infamous Oklahoma City bombing he perpetrated without any sign of remorse? “Whether you wish to admit it or not, when you approve, morally, of the bombing of foreign targets by the U.S. military, you are approving of acts morally equivalent to the bombing in Oklahoma City.” He said this after  he was sentenced to death and executed for the massive destruction he created, killing at least 168 people.

      For the sake of national security and for the safety of the American people, I warned the public through this website of  today’s terrorists that the NIH identified as mentally ill. The proof of their mental illness is in what they repeatedly say in public, and also in their published writings.

     In an article “When Should You Shoot A Cop” written by Larken Rose, this is what Rose said: “I said, more bluntly than many ‘gun rights’ folks do, that I want you, the public, to have the ability to kill government agents, both military and police.” In essence, did you find any difference from what those terrorists that I have just cited, had said and/or how many innocent victims they already killed?

      To publicly “incite”, “persuade”, “induce” or even “command” people to kill with such blinding passion if not uncontrollable hatred, hardly comes from a healthy mental disposition let alone from a normal mind. If it is not already a felony to do such inducement or command to kill, still it cannot be denied that this murderous persuasion or “influence” to commit murder is no doubt extremely dangerous. Although the record says this commanding armchair terrorist has not killed yet personally by himself, how many had already been killed because of his public campaign to kill “government agents, both military and police”, only God knows. Besides, there is no doubt that the victim’s blood is in this terrorist’s hands.

      It is for this reason that a terrorist’s threat to kill and destroy is the most dangerous threat to life, liberty and freedom. Since 911, our intelligence community has been working overtime.  None of those threats were taken lightly.


Comments in Response

Comment by: panocha (#045223)
   Entered on: 2012-05-18 08:28:05

I can hardly believe your comments are true. Is PureTrust really that old with such medical condition? It gives me the creeps because this is the guy who wanted to arrange a meeting date with me! Ay, Mama mia!

Comment by: (#047504)
   Entered on: 2012-05-18 08:17:04

 Psychiatrists are like vultures. They don't want to cure your depression. They just want to suck Medicare benefits, especially  from older people in a delirium who could not afford to buy a better private insurance.  I sympathize those in this situation where mentally infirmed elders like PureTrust are in. I hope Obama can do something about it, not Romney, a tool of his fund-raising corporate America, who would make private insurance even more expensive to millions of poor elderly like PureTrust.

Comment by: brag (#045216)
   Entered on: 2012-05-18 07:56:42

Let me introduce myself to you, PureTrust hoping that you are awake without your medication. My name is Brag, and I am not bragging when I say you need my advice: Go meet your doctor again. Ask to double, no, quadruple, the mg of your medicine for depression. Your paranoia is getting worse every day. Your delusion and delirium are now critical and dangerous.

I think Ano-75 who has been trying to help you, had given up hands down with you. I don’t think he would waste his time with you anymore, otherwise he would be foolish to continue picking up and putting together a broken mind that cracked and scattered on the floor. That’s you, PureTrust – merciful you, who deserved the readers’ antipathy rather than sympathy.

Your latest delirium is that the U.S. Government is Germany in WWII. No, PureTrust. We are not anymore in WWII. We are no longer at war with Germany. Believe me, I am a soldier committed to put my life on the line once war breaks out with any foreign country. Our war with Germany was almost sixty years ago.

Furthermore, the U.S. Federal Government is not the Third Reich that you still see in your hallucinating mind. There is no Hitler, and no Nazis here, in this land of the free. Hitler has long been dead. The Nazis existed in Hitler’s Germany before, and like Hitler, had long been gone.

The United States is no Rome either, which in your extremely delusional mind, is ruled by emperors. We have presidents elected by the American people themselves. We do not have a Nero in the United States who came to power by assassination.

We only have PureTrust and his likes who want to burn down White House to ashes as their target of insuperable hatred. We also have terrorists, local and foreign, who would like to bring the U.S. Government down to its knees, and we also have dangerous psychopaths like Larken Rose who wants to kill government officials and shoot cops dead.

I am honestly hoping you get well, PureTrust. Consult your doctor one more time, otherwise fire him if he continues to be inutile. It is no use retaining him as a parasite of your hard-earned Medicare benefits.

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-05-17 10:31:11

Much of what Anonymous75 says in this letter is true. Here is the BIG question. How do we know that the people in Government are NOT the ones perpetrating the largest terrorism on us?

When you look at the history of nations, it is often the people in governmental offices in those nations, that harmed the citizens of those nations.

Consider ancient Rome. Two things happened regarding terrorism. At times, the Roman government protected the common people and expanded their prosperity - good anti-terrorism. At other times, it was the government officials, constantly fighting over wealth and power, that harmed the common people, and ultimately destroyed Rome - terrorists in government.

The term "terrorism" - and all its associated terms - are almost never used with regard to the fall of Rome, but the results that happened to the Roman people are the same results that happen in terrorism. And it was done to them by their government.

Consider, also, the example of war-torn, post WWI Germany. Hitler, the Nazi Party and the Third Reich took fallen, helpless Germany, from weakness, to one of the most powerful nations in the world at that time. And they did it in about 6 years.

Hitler and the Nazis were the government of Germany. Yet they were the ones who ultimately perpetrated all different forms of terrorism on the people of Germany as well as the rest of the world.

So, how does any common person in the USA know that the U.S. Government is not the biggest terrorist that we have run into in our time? How can any of us tell, for sure, that our Government has nothing to do with the perpetrating of terrorism in some form in the U.S.? We don't know. And we can't know. We hope that they are not. But WE DO NOT KNOW FORE SURE!

The U.S. Government is in a position to use terrorism against its citizens, way more than anyone else in the whole wide world. Because of this, much of the "Most Dangerous Threat..." letter is entirely accurate. But the focus is extremely incomplete. Why? Because it does not include at least consideration that some Government agencies, or some Government officials, might be the terrorists, here in good ol' USA, just as has happened with many other nations and their Governments.

In fact, the trust that this author expresses about his Government, ignoring potential within-Government terrorists, while firmly expressing as delusional anyone who would consider the potential existence of within-Government terrorists, shows that this author is at best delusional, and at worst, one of the Government terrorists.

Comment by: Kanumptsen (#046091)
   Entered on: 2012-05-17 09:38:07

I read the whole article just now. This terrorist threat to life besides the threat to liberty and freedom is so scary it really disturbs me.  Thanks for this public warning.

Comment by: brag (#045216)
   Entered on: 2012-05-16 12:55:46

To Suka wanting to know if Larken Rose can be re-arrested as a tax felon by profiting from the sale of his books and videos encouraging taxpayers not to pay their taxes. Is there a "judicial precedent"? The following is my opinion:

Yes, there is a "judicial precedent", or at least nearest to it. The leader of the California-based "Your Heritage Protection Association" was arrested and convicted of mail and tax fraud in the early 1980s. Armen Condo, the leader of the Association "taught followers how to file papers claiming they were exempt from income taxes and urged them to pay a portion of those taxes to his organization as dues." Condo collected around $2 million before he was arrested. How much Rose collected out of the sale of his books and videos can be determined by requesting the Court to issue a subpoena duces tecum to produce in court his business and financial records.

Rose’s and Condo’s deceptions to defraud are similar. The victims are made to believe that they were exempt from paying income taxes when in fact they were not. Both used the mail for their scam, and both profited from their scheme to deceive.

A citizen like Suka has to the right to know when Larken Rose’s anti-tax books, writings and videos that teach how to evade taxes went public.

Comment by: Suka (#045785)
   Entered on: 2012-05-16 12:06:16

Is he also liable if by selling his books and videos attacking the Government and the IRS for throwing him in jail and made a profit out of it, and a tax evader violates the IRC claiming that he only followed Larken Rose's written instructions not to pay his taxes? By analogy, my guts tell me that he could be re-arrested as a tax felon, depending on the prevailing circumstances as to how the violation was committed.  Maybe there is already a judicial precedent to that effect.

Comment by: Kodigo (#045217)
   Entered on: 2012-05-16 08:00:27

I just came back to town from a long trip and the first commentary I noticed in Freedom Forum is this pro bono legal advice from Brag. This rekindles my interest, recalling my earlier practice of law when as a young lawyer I used to advise community organizations on matters concerning civil and criminal issues that affect their personal lives.

What I can add is that anyone actively promoting Larken Rose’s criminal mind to commit murder and a murder is committed, you could either be implicated as a co-principal, accomplice or accessory to the crime.

With regards to the danger Brag cited coming from mentally disturbed terrorists and their sympathizers, I am sure the FBI Watch List is getting longer every day when new names are added, which could probably include those who actively promote Larken Rose’s books or writings on how to commit murder [how and when to kill a government agent and/or shoot a cop dead!]. You should be prepared when they come and get you.

Don’t thank me. Thank Brag.

Comment by: panocha (#045223)
   Entered on: 2012-05-14 14:51:16

 You are right Brag. I am no longer interested to contribute comments unless this thrash is removed. Look at his irresponsibler comments. Is he retarded? He is either underage [juvenile delinquent] or a scatterbrain. I cannot make anything rational out of what he is talking about.  And this is the guy want to arrange a date with me? Scary ...

Comment by: Boston Releigh (#047702)
   Entered on: 2012-05-14 14:38:32

 C'mon, PureTrust ... please get yourself an education before you argue with me. Why? Because you are useless, and you are occupying space which normal people can use to make comments useful to the public.

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-05-14 10:00:38

Won't work, brag. Government may assassinate Larken Rose. But they will never get him legally. Know why? Because he figured them out, that's why. He figured out that Government doesn't have a legal hold on anyone who doesn't agree to an agreement with Government.

They might kidnap him. They might do a SWAT murder like they did with Jose Guerena. But they will never get him to agree with them to enter their court jurisdiction again, except if he wants to, of course.

Mr. Rose has learned. He has become way too smart for them. The only way they will ever get him is if they break their own laws and assassinate him. And that really isn't much - Government breaking their own laws. They do it all the time.

Comment by: brag (#045216)
   Entered on: 2012-05-14 07:25:49


This intervention may either be considered as a legal advice or a warning.  You are free to do whatever you want.


 Larken Rose may be arrested sooner than later either as an “accomplice” or “accessory” in the commission of a felony or a crime. Persuading or inducing anyone to “kill government officials or agents, and to shoot cops dead” through writings and videos he is selling for profit, could make him a principal in a conspiracy to commit murder.


In a subversive material Rose published and distributed in a video “When Should You Shoot A Cop, he specifically declared: “I said, more bluntly than many ‘gun rights’ folks do, that I want you, the public, to have the ability to kill government agents, both military and police.” This criminal statement is an inducement or “encouragement” of the “principal in the first degree” in the commission of crime. [LaFave & Scott, Criminal Law 569, and 571 2d. ed.]


“The PRINCIPAL IN THE FIRST DEGREE is ‘one who with the requisite mental state, engages in the act’ in committing murder. In criminal law, what this means is that if anyone kills claiming that Larken Rose had talked to him to do the act, or he did it because in Rose’s videos and published writings he was “induced” or “encouraged” to kill a government agent or shoot a cop believing that under Rose’s advice it was the right thing to do, both of them can be indicted as principals in a conspiracy to commit murder.


On the other hand, if Rose as an “adviser” is present while promoting the sale of his videos and published materials when the felony or crime is committed, with “requisite mental state, engages in the act”, and becomes a Principal in both first and second degrees.”


“The PRINCIPAL IN THE SECOND DEGREE is one who is actually or constructively present at the commission of a criminal offense, and who …encourages the principal in the first degree in the commission of that offense …” [See id. at 571.]


And here is the bottom line [the dispositive portion or the crux of the matter in this advisory legal information: Anyone who approves, agrees, endorses, aids and abets Larken Rose’s participatory mental state to commit murder of which as a result a murder is committed, may be rounded up by the FBI, police or agents of the law any time of the day, to accompany Rose to jail either as accessory to the commission of the crime or as an accomplice.


In the criminal statute book, “An accessory does acts which facilitate others in the commission or attempted commission of crime[s]  …” [that is some of you endorsing strongly Rose’s lunacy to commit murder]. An accomplice is one who “shared a common mens rea [like some of you do, sharing Rose’s criminal intent not just with approval but standing ovation] and criminal purpose between agent and principal.” [478 S.W. 2d 450, 451; 473 S.W 2d 19, 20.]


Just helping you out to know the consequences of what you are doing. Some of your written comments unknowingly implicate yourself when you endorsed Rose’s “encouragement” to commit murder [kill government agents and shoot cops dead] and as a result, a loony acts and kills. You have to know what you are doing because when push comes to a shove, ignorance of the law excuses no one.


[This is a pro bono legal assistance coming from a grateful attorney – a free public service feature offering to this website and/or a gesture of approval of’s role as a courageous outlet of diverse public opinions.]



Comment by: (#047504)
   Entered on: 2012-05-13 12:21:04

 I even dread to look at his picture reported to have resembled that of Abraham Lincoln's assassin.

Comment by: Ufactdirt (#044150)
   Entered on: 2012-05-13 12:14:03

 This is an amazing reportorial essay, Annonymous75. You hit the nail in the head when for the safety and protection of the public, Larken Rose is exposed as a dangerous loony no different from Jack the Ripper, Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, Charles Manson and Jared Loughner – all severely disturbed individuals who had killed due to "mental illness".

Rose surpassed them all because those psychopaths were at least honest about their taxes and had not cheated the IRS. At least they paid their taxes to the Government, unlike Rose who even cheated the Government of taxes that were due, and in fact stole them and for some time, used them to feed himself and his family.

Unlike Rose, those psychopathic assassins did not persuade Americans to kill government officials, did not induce the public to shoot all cops dead! Rose did, which makes him more dangerous than those psychopaths who left their indelible savagery in cold blood. Annonymous75 had previously warned: Beware! Be on guard always.

Tags: passing, facing, barrel, minutes, terrorist’s, ticking, threat, liberty, freedom, dangerous, threat, killed
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