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So, is he loosing this 4 way race?  Not at all, let’s review.

(From Treg)

Paul has the most second place finishes to date, and as the primaries move on, Paul is getting stronger, not weaker. 

Here are the facts unreported by MSM.   So Far Paul has 9 second place finishes and he has the 2nd most in delegates.

We know that DESPITE what the MSM says, we have gotten the majority of delegates in these states: NH, MN, WA, VA, VT, ND, Maine, Idaho, and Alaska.

Others may count those states as “wins” by vote, but winning is relative, we will take the most delegates and call that a “win”.   After all, the game is “who has the delegates”.  

Yes, it is the most under reported story of this election year.  Who is getting their delegates in?   We are, we have so many that we are 2nd  behind Romney  (Totally ignore what the MSM says, their numbers are so messed up and under reported, they really haven’t got a clue what’s going on behind the scenes.  For them it’s a simple game of counting popular votes and then doing a simple “delegates allotted” math.  We all know how wrong that can be from 2008).  

Now the questions become, can our Ron Paul delegates survive their GOP State Conventions and make it over to the big one in Tampa?    Getting there will be the REAL test.

As we have all seen in Iowa, Maine, South Carolina, Nevada, Washington to name a few, GOP “shenanigans” is full of never ending trickery & rule changes & date changes & vote flipping & fraud.   We are not surprised given how much the GOP bent over backwards in 2009-10 moving the primaries around to fit the Romney Profile needed for early victories. 

And let’s not forget that Ron Paul has four - 3rd place finishes, and 2 of those states we most likely have the most delegates:
IA, NV, MO (no caucus yet) and MA (caucus still to come). AK and ID are 3rd place

Here is the MSM telling the public how it works.  Great graphics.  WHAT THEY DO NOT TELL YOU is the 2nd & 3rd round of voting ALL DELEGATES are then free

To vote for WHOM THEY WISH.   Thus “Romney pledged delegates” and “Santorum pledged delegates” and “Newt pledged delegates” are all suddenly free to now vote for whom

They want – and if they are Ron Paul supporters, then we can see them quickly voting for Ron Paul in the 2nd or 3rd round. 

This is like a NASCAR championship, let's just keep getting delegates, it’s the final lap that counts

So Hold on to your seats, it’s going to be a barn burner.


We always win! – Ron Paul http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/politics/2012/03/06/super-foreman-virtual-convention.cnn#/video/politics/2012/03/07/bts-ron-paul-super-tuesday.cnn

CNN “slipped up” and let Paul tell the world that he’s got the 2nd most delegates and is polling better than the others to beat Obama.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmJ-lauAPas

Lincoln's Strategy Succeeded at the 1860 Republican Convention in Chicago

"The Republican Party held its 1860 convention later that May in Chicago..."

"At the convention, the favorite for the nomination was William Seward, a senator from New York. Seward was ardently anti-slavery, and had a higher national profile than Lincoln.

The political supporters Lincoln dispatched to the Chicago convention in May had a strategy: they assumed that if Seward could not win the nomination on the first ballot, Lincoln might gain votes on later ballots. The strategy was based on the notion that Lincoln had not offended any particular faction of the party, as some other candidates had, therefore people could come together around his candidacy.

The Lincoln plan worked. On the first ballot Seward did not have enough votes for a majority, and on the second ballot Lincoln gained a number of votes but there was still no winner. On the third ballot of the convention, Lincoln won the nomination..."